Caves Millwork Custom Cabinetry

1111 Stryker Road
Clifton Springs, NY 14432

Visit us at one of our monthly Saturday Open Houses 
from 9:00am - 2:00pm

December 1st, 2018
January 5th, 2019
February 2nd, 2019
March 2nd, 2019
April 6th, 2019
May 4th, 2019

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   Caves Millwork is Excellent Value

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 Quality Product
 Name in the business for years
 Expert designers
 Enthusiastic group of people

     Now for the benefits we offer that many other businesses cannot

     Under One Roof
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  • Our entire business operates within the same building.
  • Our designer can walk, in just a few steps, to the craftsman
          who is building your cabinetry. Together they can discuss 
          anything within minutes.
  • No need to communicate, via email, with someone  
          several states away, and wait 2-3 days for a response.
  • Ultimately, a more efficient and cost effective way to handle a project = time and money saved.

     No Middleman
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  • Our product is direct from our shop to your home.
  • There are no regional manager costs, no district 
          manager costs, or traveling salesmen markups as
          with other cabinetry brands. 
  • No middleman = money saved.

     Built by People with Woodworking Knowledge
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  • Caves Millwork is not a factory environment with assembly lines where the workers are disconnected
          from each other. 
  • We have skilled woodworkers creating our product, 
          who truly enjoy what they do.
  • We approach every project as a team, working 
          towards complete customer satisfaction. 
  • Our craftsmen have the experience to “out think” details that pertain to custom projects and custom installations.
  • Happy, experienced people = great product = high value.

     Traditional Craftsmanship Methods and Techniques
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  • Caves Millwork uses the traditional techniques of wood 
          working from years past. Such as dovetail joinery and 
          tenon and mortise joints.
  • More importantly, we recognize wood is a living, 
          breathing material that constantly moves with the 
          temperature and humidity, changing through the seasons.
  • With our “time tested” woodworking knowledge, we out think these wood movements.
  • “Old time,” proven craftsmanship thought processes = 
          a longer lasting product = high value.

     Visit Your Cabinetry in the Works
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  • You are invited and encouraged to come to our shop 
          and see your project in production.
  • By personally seeing us build your cabinetry, you will 
          see the amount of care we put into our product and 
          you will have the complete satisfaction of knowing your
          new cabinetry will last a lifetime.
  • If you have something to discuss, contact us. We are 
          always available to meet with you and answer your 
  • You do not have to wait out the weeks, hearing nothing 
          about your cabinetry until it arrives at your door.
  • With constant communication you always know how 
          your cabinetry is coming along.
Caves Millwork quarter sawn oak cabinetry

and built under
 one roof 
with no

An incredible product constructed by craftsmen 
traditional methods.

Watch your 
being built.

Caves Millwork raised panel cherry kitchen

Caves Millwork cream colored maple island

Caves Millwork custom cherry kitchen