Caves Millwork Custom Cabinetry

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Clifton Springs, NY 14432

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  Caves Millwork is Efficiency

Caves Millwork has streamlined the design and purchasing process

We know how stressful and chaotic a remodeling project can be, so 

we have made the entire process easy for you. Our layouts are 

designed by professional designers and our cabinetry built by skilled 

woodworkers. We have constant communication among our design 

and production teams, and most importantly, with you, our client. 

Caves Millwork is perfectly packaged.




The design process is just as important as the building process. 

Planning the layout and function of a kitchen project takes a 

slightly different mindset than constructing a cabinet.

Caves Kitchens is our team of design professionals and Caves 

Millwork is our team of woodworkers. We work together under 

one roof to give our clients beautiful kitchens and built-in cabinetry.


Allison Caves is our Certified Kitchen Designer, she has over a 

decade of firsthand knowledge working with the Caves Millwork 

brand and her expertise in cabinetry design is phenomenal. 

You will work closely with Allison and the entire Caves Kitchens 

staff to create your perfect layout of beauty and function. 

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When the perfect design is reached, our design team gives the plans 

to our production team. The woodworkers on our production team have 

been selected for their skill and interest in woodworking. Their unique 

talents in the different areas of woodworking are highlighted; adding 

value to our cabinetry. Our woodworkers thoroughly know the 

techniques of creating quality cabinetry and strive for perfection 

with every project.




We know the key to a successful project is communication. 

Our design staff and shop workers are all under one roof. A staff

member from design, can walk over, at any time, to a team 

member in production and discuss anything within minutes. 

We eliminate the factors leading to miscommunication, making 

way for smooth sailing and perfect results.


Easy communication is the same with our clients. Caves Kitchens' staff 

are committed to making sure you are closely involved with your new 

cabinetry every step of the way.

You have peace of mind in knowing your new cabinetry is designed and 

built by talented professionals with and efficient, stress-free process.


Caves Millwork and Caves Kitchens working together ... perfect.
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